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E-Trust IDES Tool - Your “Future-Proof" FATCA Compliance Investment.

E-Trust CRS Tool - Do CRS submission in the easy and managable way.

Prepare ready-submit report format according to requirement, your hassle free submission tools.

E-Trust IDES Tool

E-Trust IDES Tool is an efficient and easy-to-use FATCA reporting tool that supports generation of FATCA reporting data according to IRS defined standards. E-Trust IDES tool provides various ways for Financial Institutions (FIs) to fill up client data and allow them to create and manage the forms/reports for submission. It can take the input from forms or ready XML document, and transform(sign, compress, encrypt and pack) the data into a FATCA-compliant package. The output is a validated, ready-to-submit zip-file. Sunnic has been coordinating with various Tax Authorities and Financial Institutions to ensure that the E-Trust IDES tool is suitable for countries under Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) Model 1 and Model 2 arrangement.

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E-Trust CRS Tool

E-Trust CRS Tool is an efficient and comprehensive Common Reporting Standard (CRS) reporting tool for Financial Institutions (FIs) and their appointed Service Provider to prepare submission data and generate CRS returns compliant to the approved CRS XML Schema standard. E-Trust CRS Tool allows various ways of inputting financial information and managing them in an easy-to-use manner. Users can prepare their bulk data in a csv file (based on a predefined template) and import the data into the tool to generate a ready-to-submit XML document. The XML output is validated against the CRS schema standard and compliant with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) ’s CRS XML User Guide.

Price start from USD 2,600     

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FATCA Report Submission Workflow

Product Features

• Allows real-time input of FORM 8966

• Generating and validating XML data file

• Accepts ready XML import as an option

• Signing, compressing and encrypting file

• Report management (new, amended, voided and corrected) and submission


• Support Versions: Java 1.6 or later

• Platform: Windows 7, 8, Server 2012/Linux/Mac with Java installed


• E-Trust IDES Yearly subscription (per FI Entity)

• 1 year GlobalSign certificate (IRS approved CA)

• Unlimited Form and Report Creation

• Unlimited Account Submission

E-Trust IDES TOOL Package

• 8966 Form creator

• XML generator

• XML schema validation

• Report Management

• Compression of digitally signed data file and naming

• Encryption of compressed data file and naming

• Wrapping of the cipher key

• Production of sender metadata file and FATCA data package

• Validation of notification messages

• Notification messages viewer

• IGA1 and IGA 2 support

• Supports multiple GIINs

• Supports for RSA keys and HW tokens

• Command line processing

• Provides audit log

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