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E-Trust IDES Tool

E-Trust IDES Tool is an efficient and easy-to-use FATCA reporting tool that supports generation of FATCA reporting data according to IRS defined standards. E-Trust IDES tool provides various ways for Financial Institutions (FIs) to fill up client data and allow them to create and manage the forms/reports for submission. It can take the input from forms or ready XML document, and transform(sign, compress, encrypt and pack) the data into a FATCA-compliant package. The output is a validated, ready-to-submit zip-file.

Sunnic has been coordinating with various Tax Authorities and Financial Institutions to ensure that the E-Trust IDES tool is suitable for countries under Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) Model 1 and Model 2 arrangement.

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• E-Trust IDES Tool Package (Professional Edition) -- for single entity , USD 2,600

• E-Trust IDES Tool Package (Enterprise Edition) -- up to 5 entities , USD 6,800

More than 5 entities , please contact sales

Product Features

• Allows real-time input of FORM 8966

• Generating and validating XML data file

• Accepts ready XML import as an option

• Signing, compressing and encrypting file

• Report management (new, amended, voided and corrected) and submission


• Support Versions: Java 1.6 or later

• Platform: Windows 7, 8, Server 2012/Linux/Mac with Java installed


• E-Trust IDES Yearly subscription (per FI Entity)

• 1 year GlobalSign certificate (IRS approved CA)

• Unlimited Form and Report Creation

• Unlimited Account Submission

E-Trust IDES TOOL Package

• 8966 Form creator

• XML generator

• XML schema validation

• Report Management

• Compression of digitally signed data file and naming

• Encryption of compressed data file and naming

• Wrapping of the cipher key

• Production of sender metadata file and FATCA data package

• Validation of notification messages

• Notification messages viewer

• IGA1 and IGA 2 support

• Supports multiple GIINs

• Supports for RSA keys and HW tokens

• Command line processing

• Provides audit log

Certified Hardware Security Module


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